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October Ridge Resort

Guided Services

Fully Guided Bear Hunts

Here at October Ridge we offer Fully Guided Bear hunts in permit drawing area 27 only. I have been a licensed and insured guide since 1998 and a member of the Minnesota Bear Guides Association. I live here year round and have been hunting here my whole life. I do limit myself to 15 hunters or less as a rule to offer the Best hunt possible to each hunter. Historically we run 95% opportunity.

Color phase bears are taken each year ranging from Black, Cinnamon, Sable, Auburn, Chocolate and somtimes mixtures of these.

Congrats to Randy with his nice 1st bear with October Ridge Outfitters bear hunt

Area 27 is a Drawing area which you can apply for starting in late March or early April and the deadline is usually the 1st Friday in May, and the actual drawing is the end of May. If you would like me to apply for you and/or your group I will do this. If you plan on hunting this year With me I will need a deposit when I apply for you to hold your spot. IF you are Not drawn I will refund your deposit. If you do want to apply and don't want to hunt this year you can apply for area 99 to gain a preference point and increase your chances for next year (this I will do for you without a deposit)

Package Includes

*7 Day hunts during the first 2 weeks of the Season (currently I am only running for the first 7 days of the season).

*Active Baits ONLY.

*Every Hunter will have at LEAST 1 Active UNHUNTED bait !!!!!!

The baits are checked and baited daily.

*You will only be hunting a bait that has been hunted by someone else IF it is the best option on that particular day. 

*Recovery of the Animal.

*Portable Tree stands with ladders to them (let me know if you are concerned of heights), Some ground blinds are used.

*Skinning is available for additional charge depending on the type of mount you want.

*Meat and Hides are Quartered and kept in a Freezer/Cooler until you are ready to bring them home included in the skinning fees.


Available Separately here at October Ridge we have 6 modern cabins and campsites on Island Lake at Resort Fall Rates. the Cabins come with a 16ft Lund boat w/out a motor (bring your own motor or the motor is available to rent here). So you can Fish when you are not hunting if you wish.

Things to Bring

*Camo (Scent Lock suits work EXCELLENT)

*Mosquito head net is not a bad idea if you can hunt with  it



*Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, bow

*Scent Killer spray

*Cell Phone if you have one

*1 Gallon freezer bags if you plan on de-boning your Quartered meat

*A Cooler for your meat and hide one you are successful

**Questions feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you have a Safe and Successful Hunt.

Congrats to Steve with his 402 lb. bear at October Ridge


Base Guide Fee: $800 plus tax .06875%

Deposit: $200 Due when reserving your spot  which comes off the total

Gas Surcharge: $50 per hunter for gas $3.00 per gallon and under and pro-rated for gas over $3.00 per gallon.

Send Deposits to:

October Ridge Outfitters

Att: Scott Fahey

66211 County Road 31
Northome, MN 56661

1-888-654-2541, 1-218-897-5957

Cell: 1-218-766-3151


Nice 1st bear for Rachel (14yrs old) at October Ridge

Congrats to Steve with his nice Chocolate color phase with October Ridge Outfitters